Monday, February 10, 2020

Ide Lokal First Event on 2020: English Table

(Pict: Osa)

(Pict: Osa)

(Pict: Osa)

Ide Lokal event: English Table was held on Wednesday, 5th 2020 at Selaras Cofee Salatiga, Central Java at 19.00 pm.

There are 15 persons came to this event to learn more about English, and to make friends.

One of the participant named Poppy said, "I think is very important to come to this event. Because we need a community to share our thoughts, ideas, especially in English."

Friska also said, "I agree with what Poppy just said, we can get new friends, we can practice and learn English more."

10 Netflix Series You Must Watch Before You Die

By Asa Laily

Netflix is online streaming service that allows members to watch shows, movies, documentaries, series with no ads on it. Netflix had changed the TV industries, members are allowed to pick and choose channels rather than pay for a whole TV station program to get what they want.

Netflix had three options of monthly subscription prices: $8.99 for the basic plan, $12.99 for its most popular HD-quality service, and $15.99 for a premium plan. In Indonesia, Netflix offering Phone subscription with only $3.6 per month.
For a flat monthly fee, subscribers can consume any program at any time on whatever device they prefer.

Netflix has a lot of Original Movies, Series, Shows, Documentaries with very high quality content.
Here's 10 Netflix Original Series you must watch before you die:

1. You
Genre: Thriller, Romance
Synopsis: Joe, a bookstore manager in New York who meet a writer named Beck. He become obsessed with Beck, he's using social media to track Beck's online life and stalk her in real life.

2. Locke & Key

Genre: Fantasy, Kids and Family
Synopsis: A family move to their father-childhood-house to start a new life after their father died. Suddenly, they find mysteri-magical keys on that house that bring a seriuosly problem on their life.

3. Stranger Things
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Synopsis: A kid group find a girl with super power and lead them to the other world.

4. The Umbrella Academy

Genre: Fantasy, Kids and Family
Synopsis: A man adopting five children with super power and rise them at house called The Umbrella Academy.

5. The End of The F***ing World

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Synopsis: A teenage boy has obsession to be a killer, he meet a weird girl in school and he's planning to kill her on their way to find girl's real father.

6. Kingdom

Genre: Horror, Drama
Synopsis: A prince investigate the spread of a mysterious decease to protect their kingdom.

7. 13 Reasons Why

Genre: Romance, Drama
Synopsis: A girl decided to kill her self after everything she went through on high school. Before she suicide, she recorded a tape, she talked about 13 reasons why she killed her self.

8. Black Mirror

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Synopsis: Anthology television series. Episodes are standalone, stories are about the unantipated consequences of the new technologies people could create in the future.

9. Dark

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mysteri
Sinopsis: Two children mysteriously dissapear in a small German town. Meanwhile in the same town, a teenager struggling to cope his father's suicide. On his journey to invistigate his father's suicide, he find a wormwhole in the cave that can bring him back to the past.

10. The Mist

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mysteri
Synopsis: An unexplained mist slowly envelops the town, people begin to see apparations in the mist from their past, fears, or guilt that help or kill them depending on how they react.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

DIY Room Decor Indonesia / Dekorasi Rumah Cantik: Key Holder

Hallo! Kali ini aku ngasih tutorial DIY Room Decor ala-ala Tumblr yang bisa kalian praktekkin di rumah karena super gampang banget! Alat dan bahan yang aku pakai: - Paku (beli di toko bangunan) - Talenan Kayu - Benang rajut :

Tutorial Menggambar Wajah Mudah Untuk Pemula

Hai temen temen! Seperti janjiku di instagram, aku bikin video tutorial menggambar wajah ini! Gimana? Gampang banget kan? Aku yakin, semua orang pasti bisa nyoba. Selamat berkreasi :D

3 Teknik Melukis Cat Air Untuk Pemula / Menggunakan Cat Air Mudah

Halo temen temen, di video kali ini, aku nunjukkin gimana caranya melukis menggunakan cat air dengan sangat mudah. Alat dan bahan yang aku gunakan: - Kertas khusus cat air - Cat Air Merk Sakura Koi - Kuas runcing - Air Semoga kalian bisa nyoba ya di rumah. :)

Monday, November 12, 2018


Home is a place or something to keep you safe,
a place to make you feel comfortable.
It could be a place
It could be a land
It could be a person.


I feel so far away from home
I miss being at home

A home with a heart
A lovely home

How are you, home?
Can I go back?

Can I build my new 'home'?
Can I?