Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Loving Hut, Popular Vegan Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Since I decided to be a Vegetarian, I love to try Vegan Restaurants in Yogyakarta. Two days ago, my husband and I went to Loving Hut at Jalan Demangan Baru No. 16, Sleman Yogyakarta. I knew Loving Hut since 3 or 4 years ago before I become a Vegetarian, but I never have a chance to review their vegan foods. Loving Hut is quite popular in Yogyakarta, local people will tell you to go to Loving Hut if you ask them where to find a Vegan Restaurant (and maybe because Loving Hut is in center of Yogyakarta City).

They have a lot of regular restaurant menus, like Vegan Teriyaki Rice, Vegan Fried Rice, Javanesse Noodle, etc. The prices starts from Rp 25.000,-.

They also have a "Warteg menu", you can choose white rice or red rice, you can choose which vegetables do you want, and you can choose which side dishes do you want. Each of them have different price, starts from Rp 4.500,- / serving.

This is what I ate. Red rice (Rp 7.000,-), sauteed watercress (Rp 4.500,-), fried mushroom (Rp 7.000,-), mushroom kung pao with peanuts (Rp 7.000,-), soy satai (Rp 6.000,-), and ice tea Rp 3.000,-).
I think the price was quite expensive for those menu that I chose. I prefer to choose the regular menu on their menu book than this Warteg menu. Anyhow, I really liked the soy satay, it tasted just like chicken meat, the texture also looks like chicken satay. 

The atmosphere at Loving Hut was very lovely, they colored tables and chairs with light yellow paint, they had plants all over their place, there were posters on their walls to inform their customers more informations about Veganism, and the employes were very lovely too.

Next to Loving Hut Restaurant, there was a Loving Hut Vegan Organic Shop, they had bunch of vegan snacks, vegan frozen foods, vegan organic seasonings, etc. Most of them were imported, not from Indonesia.

So thats all I can tell about Loving Hut Yogyakarta. I hope this post could be usefull for you.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!
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